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No update since March 2017?
  • I like the theme, and I am considering buying it. I am hesitating tho, the other theme I have shortlisted is the famous Ultimo theme.

    One thing kind of worries me: Shopper theme has not been updated for ages. How come?

    What would you say is a major advantage of Shopper over Ultimo?

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  • Hello,

    We release updates once there were some major changes in Magento or when adding new features. The current version is stable and doesn't require any updates to work with Magento 1.7-1.9 versions. Though we add some small changes and will release a new update once it's required.

    The major difference between the themes is design (the feel and look) and of course the availability of some features that are included or not in both themes.

    Best Regards

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