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Front Page Slideshow
  • Hi, is there a way to set the slideshow as the default front page?
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  • Hello,

    Please, clarify what theme you are interested in?

    Best Regards
  • Oh, sorry. I'm referring to the LiquidFolio theme. In the demo, it defaults to the blog page, but I'd like to have the slideshow as the front page.

    Also, I don't see any examples of sidebars in the demo. On the default post layout with the comments to the right of the content, does the sidebar appear above the comments? And can a sidebar be individualized for specific posts or is it global?
  • 1. It's possible to set any page as your front page. Slideshow is a page template.
    2. The theme comes with the left sidebar section only. Comments can be positioned below the posts/page content or to the right.
  • Is there some way I could add a sidebar to the right - for example, if I put the comments below the content, I would like to fill that empty space with a sidebar. Do you know if that customization is possible, or if there is a plugin that would do the trick perhaps?
  • It will require customization to move sidebar section to the right. I'm afraid there is not any plug-in that can help to achieve this.
  • I don't want to move the sidebar to the right. I want to create a new one on the right and leave the left sidebar alone.

    I can't imagine this would take major customization, but I'm not too familiar with coding. Can you provide instructions on how to do this? If not, I can try to follow the numerous instructions found on the web on how to add a new sidebar to WordPress themes, but I don't want to purchase the theme if they're not going to work.

    This is the only issue that's preventing me from buying this theme, so any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
  • The theme works the way you can see on our live preview. There are not any limits on sidebars you create but adding the other section (on the right in your case) requires extra codding. As we replied earlier the theme was designed for the left sidebar position. Unfortunately our support doesn't include help with customizations.
  • I need shopper for Magento, where do I customize the theme, directly at magneto? for example changing images on front page slideshow.

  • Hello arqnat,

    This discussion is related to Liquidfolio WordPress theme.

    As for the Shopper Magento theme all changes are made using the theme settings in the admin panel.

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