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shopper theme compatible with magento ?
  • Hello i want to purchase the shopper theme but magento 1.9.01 is not listed in comparability column in themeforest, can i buy and use this on my magento or will there be any problems doing so ?

    am in dilemma to purchase this or other one.... i liked the shopper theme very much
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  • Hello Harsha,

    Yes, the theme is compatible with Magento

    Bets Regards

  • hi stan
    shopper theme compatible with magento ?
    best regards
  • The latest Magento version the Shopper theme is compatible with is
  • Dear Stan
    there is a new version of magento(1.9.1)
    is the shopper theme compatible with the new version?
    if not; do you have any deadline for this?
    best regards
  • hI stan

    I like to buy this theme but my magento version is 1.9.1. If I buy do this will work?
  • Hi Stan
    i am waiting for your answer
    best regards
  • Actually it works without any issues. The only thing is "Configurable Swatches" feature is not presented. We are now working on a new theme update but unfortunately we don't have any ETA for a release date.
  • Hello,

    I'm interested in your theme shopper theme. If I purchase would I get a link to my email to install? Can I install on tablet?
    If the link you send don't work can we get refun? Or dan you help I stall?

    If I already have a product on an online store can I transfer all products to this new theme. Thank you so much.
  • Hi Nat,

    You can find answers on billing related questions on envato help center:

    This forum is for technical support only.
    Regarding install on tablet. What are you going ot install on tablet? This theme is for magento CMS. You can learn about Magento here

    If your store on Magento CMS, then you can hire a developer to make a database dump with your products and setup this theme.
  • Hi,
    I have shopper theme version 1.5.4
    is this compatible with Not worried about swatches.
    If not, what is latest version of Shopper?
  • The latest theme version is
  • Hi Stan,
    So I have latest version version. Will it work with latest Magento ver
  • Yes, it will. We are also almost finished with a new theme update that includes color swatches. It will be released soon.
  • Stan

    A developer uploaded 1.5.4 on my site. Hes gone awol as we speak . I am not able to get support from the forum as hes already given purchase code out so when i try setting up an account i coulldnt. Now my site is hanging as the home page is blank and no help
  • @Jamay

    We support only the latest version of the theme which is currently 2.1.3. To update it you should have an access to Themeforest account to have the ability to download the theme package. If you don't have it you should contact a person that purchased the theme for you or purchase the theme on your own here: http://themeforest.net/item/shopper-magento-theme-responsive-retina-ready/3139960
  • I am having error in installing this theme for my Magento store. I have also seen a tutorial for installing Magento theme. I am installing the theme using Magento connect. Please guide me on this.
  • Hello will this theme work on 2.2.4
  • Hello, will this theme work on version 2.2.4 of magento?

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